Hot & Cold foil stamp

Our facilities have special technological equipment for creating silver and gold stamp in all our produced packaging ( boxes, envelopes, paper and adhesive labels etc.) We have the ability to offer Hot foil stamp and Cold Foil stamp depending its time on the material and product.




olografiko foil
Holographic Foil


ΜWith cold stamp method we can also offer holographic finish with 3D patterns, which gives a unique identity to your product.

Use of this technique gives elegance and taste to the final packaging. It has the ability to upgrade it by reflecting the quality of the containing product while creates a noticeable difference among other similar.


This technique has been used in the following packaging:

suspendisse 20150312 2078486896   bollero 20150331 1351342660   o zachos 20150331 1676259432   as 20150331 1481648254 
Silver hot foil on the letters Gold hot foil on the letters Silver cold foil on letters and graphics Holographic foil on labels