Design & Prepress

The designing and prepress department consists of qualified and experienced staff able to give you new ideas and design the desired packaging according to your own taste. This sector is responsible for any editing or modifications of the work necessary for the printing process, the job imposition and final subject development on the printing plate.





ektypotiki plaka Offset kai film
Offset Printing Plate and Film

We are willing to guide you in finding the suitable packaging for you and then create the layout for the product if you don't have one already, by using modern tools and software. You have the option to see a final digital proof, the very image of the final print.

mixanima computer to plate
Machine Computer to Plate

The development of the printing plates can be conducted with two ways, depending on the needs and available material.

The first way includes the known films, a procedure similar to photography and development of the subject by certain equipment. On the other hand, the second way includes only a digital file on the computer and the modern technology equipment CTP (computer to plate) which enables imprint of the subject on the plate with laser ray.