We can provide for all our produced packaging and paper labels, various types of varnishing. Solvent-based varnish, which is inline the Offset printing line and water-based varnish which is on a separate unit. Each type use, depends on the requirements and type of work and you have the possibilities of matt and gloss varnishing, overall or spot UV.

Varnishes offer high friction resistance and high gloss. Especially water-based varnishes are suitable for food packaging as they don't influence the content's odor and taste. Moreover, unlike the solvent-based varnish they don't turn yellowish over time.

For adhesive labels we can offer gloss and matt UV drying varnish with excellent results in gloss and matt finish. The varnishing unit in this case is also integrated in the flexographic machine.

Except conventional varnish we provide a wide range of special procedures and finishing to designate your product's features.